Valencia Basket- Bitci Baskonia Quarterfinals game 1 post-game quotes: Joan Peñarroya


“First game of the series that hasn't turned out the way we wanted. In the end, anyone could have won and we didn’t get the win. But it is true that during the first 25-27 minutes we lacked a little solidity, defensive aggressiveness, knowing how to play with fouls, controlling turnovers a bit. And that has made us trail behind but we have not lost the face of the game, we have come from behind and we even put ourselves four up with the inertia totally ours and we lose a ball that is then a three-pointer from Baldwin that changes the game and becomes on a coin-toss situation. First point for Bitci Baskonia but until two are won this is not over. For us, Saturday is a key game because if we don't win it we're out, but we have to win two, the team knows the way to win, we know it's going to be even more difficult to win at the Buesa Arena, but I'm convinced that we're going to have a good game and that on Monday we will be here”