Valencia Basket- Bitci Baskonia Quarterfinals post-game 3 quotes: Joan Peñarroya


“Congratulate Bitci Baskonia for the win and for qualifying for the semifinals. A game that went wrong in the second half, we started with a very good intensity, with a very good rhythm and with the help of La Fonteta playing very good basketball. In the second quarter we lost the advantage a little with them carrying the offensive rebound and with some loss of ours in counterattack situations that prevents us from escaping on the scoreboard. And then comes the unfortunate move by Martin and from there we have the feeling that everything changes. A second part in which at the beginning our defensive level is good at the beginning but we can tell with some anxiety but we play with percentages that are far from being able to take the victory. A 6 of 19 in shots of two, a 2 of 13 in triples, a 4 of 12 in free throws. That to beat a team like Baskonia is very complicated. The team wanted to but for the last four or five minutes we didn't know how to continue fighting until the end, which is what the team has done all year. A bad taste in the mouth to end such a complicated year with this second part but I want to congratulate the boys for the year, the entire coaching staff and congratulate Fonteta, who I want to thank and it is evident that we would have liked to finish differently way"