Rafa Martínez gets into the Taronja Olympus in front a Fonteta dedicated to his legend


Rafa Martínez's name and number 17 are already an untouchable myth in the history of Valencia Basket. Although the words and numbers of his achievements will hardly be able to explain to the new generations the greatness of the player with the most titles in the history of the Club with five trophies (the last four of them raised as captain), his legacy will always remain intact. Other words, those of gratitude from the Taronja legend, took a while to come out of Rafa's throat, stuck with emotion. After that initial moment, in his last service on the hardwood of La Fonteta, this time as a speaker, Rafa Martínez once again left the home crowd enchanted with an honest and impeccable show of gratitude and affection for a team, for a city , for its people and its colors. As he had always done in each and every one of his 626 games as a taronja.