Monbus Obradoiro- Valencia Basket post-game quotes: Álex Mumbrú


“A game in which we have played against a team that is playing basketball very well, we knew how difficult it was to come here, that they are playing very well, defending very well, knowing where they were attacking. And we came from some trips, from Turkey, with wear and tear and with one more casualty with Jared Harper. It was very important for us in the first quarter, in the staging, that we not lack energy. And we've been good, we've been able to match Obradoiro's energy output at the start, we've been able to stop it. In the second quarter we were better and it is true that in the last quarter there was a moment when we almost won the game, another moment in extra time when we lost it and then we won it again. It could have gone anywhere but I think we were good at the end in the last minute and a half, making good decisions but the game could have gone anywhere. The team has been serious during the 40 minutes, something that we were not having before. We had disconnections of 2-3 minutes, today we were six points up and at one point we had lost the distance but we had good shots and controlled the game a bit. But Obradoiro is playing good basketball and here, with its gym, with their people cheering, it was normal that they were going to make an attempt to come back, they have, we have gone to overtime and in the end we have been able to withstand the pull above all after the first two minutes of extra time that have been very hard for us”.