Valencia Basket Club S.A.D. shareholders approved the 2021-22 accounts and the 2022-23 budget


The General Meeting of Shareholders of Valencia Basket Club SAD today approved the accounts for the 21-22 season and the budget for the season that has started, 22-23. The Club, immersed in the objective of walking towards economic sustainability that ensures that top-level basketball can continue to be enjoyed in the long term in the city of Valencia, will have the capacity to increase its budget for this year. This fact is achieved thanks to the increase in income that the entity is capable of generating and the contribution of its Patrons and main shareholders Juan Roig and Hortensia Herrero, who keep intact their enthusiasm for the project.


In this way, a total expense for last season of 22,715,000 euros has been approved. This expense was offset by the Club's operating income and the contribution of the Patrons, which reached 15,603,000 euros. For the 22-23 season, an upward budget has been approved, with the first teams competing at the highest European level. The budgeted figure is 24,200,000 euros. In this increase, the increase in the budget of the first teams is contemplated, with 17,050,000 euros for the men's first team and 2,500,000 for the women's, items that include not only salaries but all the expenses generated by both teams throughout the season: federation expenses, staff and coaching staff, travel, etc.


The Club has been able to increase the budget due to the demands of the sporting challenge, maximizing its income and maintaining the contribution of its Patrons, which for this season is budgeted at 15,650,000 euros. The Taronja Family wishes to thank all the sponsors and especially Juan Roig and Hortensia Herrero for their tireless support and effort so that Valencia continues to enjoy high-level basketball that also takes care of its roots through L'Alqueria del Basket, an effort that has remained intact despite the difficulties that have been suffered globally in recent years.