Rubén Burgos post J11 EuroLeague Women vs Tango Bourges Basket quotes


Coach Rubén Burgos assessed after the game “Today, in another close game as practically the entire Euroleague is being, we have not been lucky enough to have it fall on our side in recent actions. Many times basketball is balanced when you have refereeing errors in favor, against, surely involuntary... when you are not lucky enough to score shots and in the last seconds the rival is. I think that the key and success is that the team knows that we have given 100%, that we have followed the game plan, especially after the break we have been able to correct some defensive details with Anderson and following the idea we had, as well as practicing some alternative defense. Alexander's 6-7 meter shots have come out of the script, some 1v1 by Steinberga who has scored merit baskets, but I think our players have been faithful to what we wanted, to build from the defense and that has led us to have options until the end. All the partials have been equalized, it could not be otherwise. We have found a good shot from one of the best shooters we have out of three, if not the best, and one of the best in the competition. If we had been successful in that section of the game, as is the three pointers... but we are proud to have had the victory in our hands. We are aware that today we played two games here: the first was to try to win and take the direct classification; The second was to manage not to lose that basket average that we had earned at La Fonteta, which gives us the chance to at least play now on our court, where two victories would give us the qualification. We continue to fight in a Euroleague group that is exciting and fun for the fans because there is a lot of equality”.