Rubén Burgos and Queralt Casas post P3 1/4 EuroLeague Women vs Beretta Famila Schio quotes


Coach Rubén Burgos assessed after the game that “First of all, congratulate Schio. I think they deserve a little more than us to qualify for that final four, it is also a success for them because after many years of history it is the first time they have achieved it. I also congratulate them for the work of the party, unfortunately it reminded me a lot of the first one. They collapsed on us in the last quarter on defense, although I don't think we made as bad shots as the statistics show. We have not been successful from the outside, we have not had internal advantages but I think we have counteracted it with defensive tactical rigor. Leaving Schio at home with 63 points with this roster is very good, it speaks well of our defense and mentality and of having believed until the end. What we cannot afford is to be sunk, something positive such as reaching the quarterfinals, keeping people's enthusiasm alive... we have not achieved it but we all know that we have given 100%. The season is long and we want to go for the two titles we don't have”.

The player Queralt Casas said that “It is difficult to speak now, I am going to cry. It's been difficult because we came here really hoping and feeling that we could get it out. We are one step away from the Final Four. At the beginning of the season we would have signed to be here today, but when you are one step away, it makes you very angry and more with the feeling that he has fallen by his side but we have not been that far. We have to be proud of what we've done because it's our first year in the Euroleague and not many teams can say they've gotten this far. Today we missed a lot, we didn't have the day despite having given everything and playing as a team, there are many shots that didn't go in... that's it, basketball. Now to be proud of what we have done in the Euroleague and to think about the Cup and the League playoffs, which is our thing. We have to turn the page on this and win titles”.