Victory of faith in Andorra (75-76)


Valencia Basket took a triumph of faith on the MoraBanc Andorra’s court, overcoming the adversities that arose. With several players depleted by a stomach virus and with Van Rossom injured in the warm-up, the taronja squad clung to their 3-point accuracy at the beginning of the first quarter to be up in the scoreboard the full first half. Valencia Basket survived Hannah's appearance in the third quarter and closed the rim for five minutes in the last for a 1-15 run that gave the taronja squad an advantage. In a last show of faith, the taronja team got up from a five-point play that put it one point down with 17 seconds to play and Dimitrijevic scored a basket that, together with the steal of the last defense, meant a victory in which the good game from the point guards and the centers was joined by an excellent performance by the young Millán Jiménez (10 points, 4 rebounds and 5 steals).