Valencia Basket- Virtus Segafredo Bologna post-game quotes: Joan Peñarroya


“We are happy for two things, first for the win in a game that has been very difficult for us and for the atmosphere that we experienced today at La Fonteta, that is our main objective. That our people are involved and enjoy the game as we have experienced today. Some I would dare to say almost for the first time with this environment. We started the game well, we started with rhythm, we started dynamic, without letting his very good defense in static cause us problems. But from then on they show that they are a great team, with a lot of physical capacity, with many defensive concepts and they take us to that 5x5 game that has cost us a lot to attack, also because we have not been brilliant in percentages. When we started the second half we had a third quarter in which we were soft in defense and a bit thick in attack with eight turnovers and the game was getting ugly for us with those eleven down. At that time we have found a quintet that has given us more fluidity in our offensive and defensive game and it is a victory of great spirit and supported by a great Fonteta”.